MA Consulting & Certification

Consulting Introduction

WA Quality Certification No.1/APP, SW Accessibility Certification & Consulting –WebWatch, Inc

Mobile Accessibility (MA) Consulting

We provide consulting to application developers and content providers on mobile accessibility guidelines, provide diagnoses on their compliance status, and help our clients meet the accessibility standards. The goal is to insure that persons with disabilities and the elderly experience the least amount of inconvenience when using mobile applications.

Need for Consulting

  • The IT industry as a whole is not well aware of the TTA “Mobile Application Accessibility Guidelines” (MACAG). It also has limited information on accessibility-related technologies. For these reasons, it is difficult for many players in the field to improve accessibility or to obtain the recommended accessibility certification without professional consulting. Furthermore, once a mobile application is already developed without MACAG standards, the cost of complying with the accessibility requirements afterwards can be far greater in terms of budget, time, and quality.
Projects without accessibility consulting - Accessibility noncompliance Project deadline delay and other problems,
Projects with accessibility consulting - Consultation : Planning & design stage -> Design stage -> Development stage => Successful completion of the project