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SA Introduction

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What is Software Accessibility (SA)?

SA refers to accessibility of all software programs, including application programs, software packages, and web solutions.
The SA Certification Mark is granted to software that has been developed in compliance with software accessibility standards. The standards have been designed to provide easy access to software contents to those with or without disabilities.

Background and Mission

Any application software that is developed in compliance with proper software accessibility (SA) standards is qualified to be certified for SA quality through fair and transparent evaluation.

Application software with the SA Certification Mark can be used universally
by persons with or without disabilities. Universal software design means increased IT activity among persons with disabilities.

The establishment of SA Certification improves user satisfaction through improved overall quality in software programs. It also contributes promoting positive social values by encouraging nondiscriminatory practices in selling products and services in the "age of knowledge and information."

SA Quality Certification and Consulting

Compliance guidelines

SA compliance guidelines vary according to software type and the environment. The following guidelines are considered for various software categories and their installation/operation environment.

SA Quality Certification and Consulting
Relevant Guidelines
  • Software Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
  • Software Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 for Korean Authentication Certificate
  • Korea User Agent Accessibility Guidelines (UAAG) 1.0
  • Korea Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines (ATAG) 1.0
  • Electronic Document Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
  • Mobile Phone Keypad Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
  • Automated Banking Machine Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
Guidelines for Installation/Operation Environment
  • Korea Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (KWCAG) 2.1
  • Mobile Application Content Accessibility 1.0 & 2.0

SA Quality Certification

Evaluation Condition

Software is evaluated under the most typical environment, or in a virtual environment, in which the software or solution in question would actually be installed and operated.

Pass Criteria and Valid Period

The Certification Mark is issued only when all selected software types and tasks pass technical evaluation and user evaluation. The certification is valid for one year from the issue date.

Pass Criteria and Valid Period
Pass Criteria technical evaluation All selected types must pass
user evaluation All tasks must pass
Certification valid period One year

SA Consulting

For some software, it may be impossible to carry out technical and user evaluation due to technical/environmental factors. For further inquiry, please contact us by e-mail: