Information Accessibility

Need for Information Accessibility

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The need to guarantee the right of access to information arises from the premise that those with information disadvantages have human dignity and equal rights as citizens. The right of access to information is the core right that must be guaranteed to all citizens in the era of information.

Social Adaptation by Persons with Disabilities

Good responses to the changing environment brought on by the information society - Virtual reality, Replacement of physical limitations, Better use of leisure time, Better use of medical and social services, Telecommuting

In the information society, guarantee of equal access to information and communication devices and services, provision of useful programs and services, and guarantee of opportunities for information education are essential for narrowing the information gap as well as for social integration.

For the elderly, persons with disabilities, and others who are information disadvantaged, access to information means more choices and increased amenities in everyday life, such as virtual reality, replacement of physical limitations, better use of leisure time, better use of medical and social services, and telecommuting.

For any persons to maintain a valuable life and to adapt to the changing environment in contemporary society, they must have a guarantee of opportunity to access information. For the information disadvantaged population, the same opportunity must be guaranteed by the state and society.

Means of overcoming disabilities

Increase opportunities for information access, Decrease social alienation through participation, Improve quality of life through education and medical welfare services

Information and communication technologies that meet accessibility standards increase opportunities for information access by persons with disabilities. They also increase social participation, decrease social alienation, and improve quality of life through improved access to education, medical, and social welfare services. In short, for persons with disabilities, information accessibility is an important means of overcoming physical and social hurdles.

For better provision of welfare services to persons with disabilities

Provide specialized clinical services, Communicate better, Build network among welfare professionals, Support development of specialized forums -> Social integration and improved quality of life by persons with disabilities -> Good responses by persons with disabilities to the changing environment brought on by the information society