WebWatch Introduction

Company History

WA Quality Certification No.1/APP, SW Accessibility Certification & Consulting –WebWatch, Inc

11 Selected as Best Family Friendly Management, Ministry of Gender Equality & Family
07 Received the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellent Social Enterprise
04 Patent registration on "Mobile application accessibility remote evaluation system"
07 Became the first WA Quality Certification agency to issue 1,000 certificates
06 Participated in the 8th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (COSP8) as a Korea NGO delegate (Presenter at one of the meetings)
02 Selected as Excellent Social Enterprise, Seoul Metropolitan Municipal Government
12 Selected as Excellent Social Enterprise for Disclosure Management, Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency
10 Patent registration on "Web content management equipment and method"
05 Recognized as a "Venture Business, InnoBiz (Small- and Medium-size corporation for technology innovation)"
01 Designated as a WA Quality Certification agency by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
11 Became a corporate member of W3C (WWW Consortium)
11 Registered Watch 1.0 Software
07 Became the first organization to issue 500 web accessibility quality certificates
11 Selected as an Expert Partner Company of Shinsegae I&C
08 Selected as an Expert Partner Company of Hanhwa S&C
05 Selected as a Consortium LINC Business for Chungbuk National University
04 Developed and delivered K-Wah 4.0 (National Information Society Agency)
12 Accessibility fact-finding survey of public agencies serving the cultural field (National Information Society Agency)
11 Developed and delivered KBS Homepage for persons with disabilities
07 Diagnosis and consulting on Internet Service Provider (ISP) services for South Chungcheong Provincial Government
06 Auxilary research center established
05 Registered as "disability business," a small business
12 Certified as a Social Enterprise by Ministry of Employment and Labor
11 Won a contract for an electronic government project (Small and Medium Business Administration)
08 Commercialization of Web accessibility certification process
07 4th Web Accessibility Survey
05 Founded WebWatch, Inc.
11 Won a contract for an electronic government project in national tax finances
05 Diagnosis and consulting on electronic civil complaints accessibility
02 Report on the 3rd Web Accessibility Survey
02 Launched WebWatch Task Force