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WebWatch, Inc. is a leading WA Quality Certification agency designated by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. As such we provide monitoring, diagnosing, certifying services, and technical support for securing web accessibility on personal computers. We also provide the same services and support for applications and software accessibility on mobile devices. We are a government recognized “social enterprise” dedicated to improving people’s quality of life through improved information access by all people, with or without disabilities.

In 2009, with the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Against and Remedies for Persons with Disabilities Act, web accessibility became a law in Korea. In step with this change in legal environment, our parent company, the Human Rights Forum of Persons with Disabilities in Korea launched a special internal team called the Web Watch Task Force, whose mission was to start a project on web accessibility diagnosis, consulting, evaluation, and certification.

In 2010, based on the experience and achievement of the previous year’s Task Force activities, WebWatch, Inc. was formally established, with the goal of creating an IT workforce within the disability community at large and expanding the information accessibility rights of persons with disabilities. In December 2010, in recognition of our work, we were certified as a “social enterprise” by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

We promote web and mobile accessibility for persons with disabilities and the elderly, who are systematically at risk of not being able to access information freely. Thus, we contribute to raising accessibility of information and to creating jobs for an IT workforce within the disability community. Furthermore, because we have made decisive investments in the development of diagnosis solutions and other IT-related developments, we are growing as an innovative social enterprise.

As a leader in the web accessibility field in Korea, we are expanding our work to cover mobile and software accessibility. We are also actively engaged in exchanges with various international organizations. We will also seek international business opportunities to expand our market abroad.